Remote Gaming System Platform

Feature Rich Gaming System

Multi-Tenant, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency

If adding a new operator, partner, language, or jurisdiction etc isn’t straightforward or cannot be segregated then flexibility hasnt been designed into the platform. Beware of fixed lists the Crazy Billions platform not only provides “multi” but also isnt constrained to current configuration.

Regulated and Approved

Being certified, approved and regulated is a cornerstone of a regulated business and it starts with the standing of your platform. The technology is simple for adopting regulations, however, becoming certified and approved is a more complex combination of people and processes.

Native, Library Included, External Logic and Aggregated Content

Working with best of breed partners a platform is limited by its integration possibilities, modern technology allows the development of gaming content by multiple partners and methods.

Next Generation Gaming Platform

Real Events, Virtual Events and Instant Play

Beyond the capability of simple request response RNG games, the Crazy Billions Platform is licensed and regulated for sports bets on real world events and lottery draws aswell as the sheduled common draw events of virtual sports and games. 

Prize Types, Insured Values, Bet Contribution and Matching

Extending Stake × Win multipliers, the CB Platform enables Real World Prizes, Fixed Currency Prizes, Progressive and Contribution games with matched multiplayer payouts functionality. All prizes customised for operator, multi-operator and insurer backed models.

Non-Gambling Regulated formats and support

Developed to support games in a Non-Gambling Environment the Crazy Billions Platform supports Skill Based games, Prize Competitions and Prize Free Draw formats.

Multiplayer and Pre-determind Game Support

Supporting multiplayer and pre-determined results requires a fraud aware platform with a modern architecture to support load and cross player interaction.