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Retaining Players

Inherent reasons to return

Inherently anticipating Jackpot Draw Results, players have a purpose built reason to engage with operators and their portals on a sheduled basis. The draw of a result and a one time opportunity drives call to action for Lottery players, turned to your advantage this allows engagement with players for;

  • Sheduled events and times for next draws
  • Checking numbers and results
  • Known as fear of missing out that keeps timing of high value draws top of mind

National Lotteries provide a familial marketing point reinforcing the messaging and timing of draw events. All operators can leverage the conciousness around lottery events to encorage repeat site vists and aid retention.

Traditional Incentivised Marketing

Typical incentivised marketing for other gaming verticals are intrinsically related to price and value to a customer, the role of RTP and wagering critical in securing returns. A typical Lottery wager provides value to a customer largely disassociated from its cost, and as such low “effective RTP” allows a wider range of incentives and more secure offers. In a time when bonus funds an incentives also attract a tax implication this further exacerbartes the benefit.

Lottery is not neccessarily associated with other forms of gambling and as such will often be engaged with at times when other gambling forms aren't. For instance in the busy lives of managing children and attendng to household chores a casino session, bingo card or a sit and go represents an active decision on personal leisure time however the purchase of a Lottery on tonights draw is an acceptable use of 2 minutes while sat in the car.

Across the 28 states that make up Europe 28 with a population of 505.6 million there is an average Lottery spend of €65, this includes a substantial value on last minute and impulse purchases.