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Lottery Sector

Mature and colossal demand that supports prolific online growth

Largest iGaming sector by participation. Online growth, that exceeds its gambling vertical peers, the sector continues to show opportunity despite its relative size and maturity. With an estimated online value of $55 Billion by next year 2021 it remains a sector each operator should assess.

Total Gambling Market 2018/2019

A wealth of industry data supports the unique position of the lottery sector. Assessment and analysis of the sector rarely needs to go beyond the basics of market size and growth to underline its importance.

  1. Lottery forms 29% of total gambling market (estimated at $443 Billion with growth of 4.3% into 2021)
  2. Total Lottery $127 Billion concentrates on traditional gaming markets with Europe28 accounting for 30% of worldwide value.
  3. Online Lottery $4.58 Billion estimated at $8.3 Billion by 2021 far outstrips other verticals with 84% increase.
  4. Total Online Gambling Market at $55 Billion still expects an 8% growth by 2021 supported by that stellar lottery growth.
  5. Landbased gambling market with an estimated 3.8% growth continues to support the vertical.

Online Lottery is growing by far the quickest. In EU28 grew 86% 2013-2017 and set for similar growth over short term.

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