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Stable, robust and ultimately cheaper.

Huge opportunity with 70% of the UK's over 18s take part in the National Lottery on a regular basis and a quarter of British citizens buy a scratchcard at least once a month.

Supply and Demand Lottery Players are inexpensive to a acquire campared to other verticals

Through any measure acquiring Lottery players is cheaper. If we directly compare CPA deals a typical lottery CPA cost is a quarter of a bingo player, a fifth of sports and a tenth to twentieth of a casino player; that is a lot morer players who can be acquired for the same outlay.

If we compare PPC and traffic rates we find a similar story and £300 keywords costs on online Casino plummet for corresponding Lottery and related terms. With the smaller costs also comes greater volumes giving greater predictability to acquisition performance

Stability and Robustness

Lower costs are indicative of lower values and Lottery's hidden benefit is that this is not currently proportional, allowing a leverage of your marketing dollars. The laws of large numbers also work to our advantage; when acquiring Casino players at £300 a go the payback is not uniform across the acquired players with the median average for a casino player far below cost and only the effect of high value players ensuring successful business keeps the mean average of player value above £300.

Lottery evens this variability, solid campaigns can be robustly tracked and analysed and are not subject to the variablity of the outlier players that each campaign is intending to attract.

Robust predictability allows a business to develop and plan instead of responding to the up's and down's of traffic.